Monday, July 5, 2010

Angry Poetry

Every once in a while, I get upset with the something and sort of spazz out. It's quite rare and it has only happened two or three times that I can recall, but when it happens I typically have to do a number of things to calm myself so that I can get back to business as usual. I had an event that occurred that triggered one of these outrage episodes over the weekend. To be quite honest, I'm not fully over what happened and this blog posting is part of the therapy process. This is the first time I have really used blog posting as a way to relieve stress, so we will see how it works. There are a few different things that I typically do, and one of them is to write poetry. My method for writing poetry (and everything else, if you haven't noticed) is very stream-of consciousness. I just write as it flows out of my heart and mind, and really my fingers or pen are just intermediary tools. I never go back and change something to make it sound better, i just let it go. You think with that type of poetic style, that I would be the bomb freestyle rapper. And you would think wrong..I suck at freestyling, and I only do it when intoxicated or coerced into doing such when with my friends. Usually both of those occur at the same time.

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