Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Favorite Entrepreneur

Raise your hand if you have heard of Elon Musk?

*Peers into the crowd*

NO?! C'mon son!

The face I'm making at you right now...

Elon Musk is my FAVORITE entrepreneur right now...PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, he is literally attacking and breaking THE LARGEST industries that exist.

I think entrepreneurship, at the end of the day, is about making the world a better place and getting paid for it. It's not about the money, it's not about being your own boss (all the time), it's about making the world better than you found it and Elon Musk is doing that.

He's creating companies that form the financial backbone of the Internet (PayPal), send regular people into space (SpaceX), and making electric vehicles SEXIER than Sofia Vergara (lordamercy)!

The craziest part is that he's running TWO of the companies AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

Alright, I'm done. I'm dropping the mic Randy Watson style to let you ponder on the greatness and to peep his mindset.

Wired.com: At the end of the day you're still zero for three; you have so far failed to put a rocket into orbit.
Musk: We haven't gotten into orbit, true, but we've made considerable progress. If it's an all-or-nothing proposition then we've failed. But it's not all or nothing. We must get to orbit eventually, and we will. It might take us one, two or three more tries, but we will. We will make it work.
Wired.com: How do you maintain your optimism?
Musk: Do I sound optimistic?
Wired.com: Yeah, you always do.
Musk: Optimism, pessimism, fuck that; we're going to make it happen. As God is my bloody witness, I'm hell-bent on making it work.
(Thanks Dustin Curtis and Dexter Zhuang for the link)

Till next time