Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Making a Difference in Nigeria

Do you believe that Nigeria can and will be better in the next 30 years? 

I do. In fact, I believe it enough to stake my future on it and move back to Nigeria following graduation. Regardless of the problems that I hear and read about on a daily basis, I believe Nigeria can and will have a very bright future socially and economically. The "can" of the aforementioned statement is about Nigeria's potential, but the "will" is about leadership and the need of people of all ages to step up to the plate. 

Building a country is a team sport, and building a healthy country takes a huge amount of initiative from the mass population with good leadership at the helm. If you are between 25-35, one great way to meet current AND future leaders of Nigeria is to attend the Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI) Future Leaders Seminar. 

The NLI Future Leaders Seminar is a 3 day event where Nigerians at home and in the diaspora meet and learn deep lessons of ethical leadership drawn from centuries of writing. You will engage in debate, learn from great peers and mentors, and develop solid friendships. All in 3 days! 

I know it seems like a large promise, but I can guarantee that all those things will happen for you because they did for me and everyone who I have met who has attended. If you are interested, the information to apply is below as well as links to relevant information. 


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